A free API for data on the Coronavirus

Access data on COVID19 through an easy API for free. Build dashboards, mobile apps or integrate in to other applications. Data is sourced from Johns Hopkins CSSE

Built by Kyle Redelinghuys

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Documentation Available On Postman

Documentation is available on Postman online where all routes can be seen with relevant descriptions, requests and responses.

Example API requests and responses

List Routes

List all routes with parameters and descriptions.


Get Summary Data

Return new cases and total cases per country.

Response: { "Countries": [ { "Country": "Afghanistan", "NewConfirmed": 5, "TotalConfirmed": 16, "NewDeaths": 0, "TotalDeaths": 0, "NewRecovered": 0, "TotalRecovered": 0 }, .. "Date": "2020-03-16T21:10:53.86852587Z" }


We are proud to be supported by a number of partners who enable us to continue delivering value to the thousands of people using this service.

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We are always open to working with new partners. Our main focus is on three areas: data sources, media coverage, funding. If you can help with these (or anything else) please fill in the form below!